Your information is only use internal this domain. Do you agree?

Personal data provided  by users through the registration process are treated in authorized form. The data controller considers all information provided by users through the website and CRM as private. No data deriving from the web service is communicated or made public.
 Personal data may also be used for the company’s normal activities including the following:
 for the management, delivery of the diverse services or for relative assistance
 for the development of statistical analysis and market
 for sending notices of services and initiatives
 to send information related to business-to-business and business-to-consumer and any promotions and / or services presented on the site
 for online matching services between users registered on the platform
Users agree that the site manager may operate on personal data if this could be necessary for:  

a. to comply with a law;
b. to conform with legal provisions, including a disposition from judicial or  from other competent authority;
c. to enforce its rights through these notes;
d. defend itself from any other party disputing that such contents violate their rights;
e. protect the interests of the owners of the website or others

Users acknowledge and agree that the Site Administrator will have access to the information or content distributed through the platform and the CRM, in all cases where such access is necessary in order to detect or solve a technical problem, or  to answer to complaints about the Service.
Users  acknowledge and agree that the technical elaboration and treatment of the information  may be necessary to:

 f. send or receive such data;
 g. plan and program online services;
 h. conform with the network technical requirements;
 i. comply with the platform and CRM technical requirements.

The Site Administrator is authorized to treat and file in the database the name, the kind of service, the reports of its activities and any other user information, concerning  the present contract or any other service related to this contract.
Users authorize the treatment by the site manager of such data for the purposes related to the execution of this Agreement and the provision of services covered therein.
In addition, pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, users authorize the person in charge of the site to the storage, processing and communication of data relative to the user, with the following outcome: client service (administration, accounting, contract management, orders, invoicing, credit retrieval etc.), marketing, promotions, statistical analysis, surveys on client satisfaction, reviews, storage of previous data, pre-contractual services, b2b and b2c services, user profile management.



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